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We're just a bunch of really talented geeks building amazing things with computers.

Founded in 1995 by Brian Ford, MHC came to be out of Brian's passion for everything "web". It crystalized into a family business where we all now earn a living by creating outstanding websites for our customers, adding value and providing extraordinary service.

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Brian Ford

Web Designer/Developer/Systems Architect

A veteran in the IT field, Brian began programming IBM mainframes and witnessed the PC revolution, the dawn of the Internet, the browser wars and the beginning of the era of mobile apps. A Systems Engineer by profession with a passion for aesthetics and beautiful web design.

An extensive experience in the Microsoft .NET frameworks is complemented by great skill in Web Design and the HTML, XHTML, XML, Cascading Stylesheets (CSS) technologies. His Java and Javascript, AJAX, MySQL, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server programming expertise rounds his skills in "everything web".

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Jason Ford

SEO/Branding/Internet Marketing & Business Development

Jason is our very talented and high-energy SEO wizard. A Florida International University graduate with a major in Marketing and another in Finance, he has a thorough understanding of what it takes to get your business on the web successfully!

He plays a major role in ensuring that our projects are delivered with Search Engine optimization in mind, right from the start.

Alvaro Maza

Alvaro Maza

Web Developer/Java & Ajax Programmer

Our latest addition to the team. Alvaro is a very talented Web Developer proficient in all the web technologies such as HTML, XHTML, XML, Cascading Stylesheets (CSS), Java and Javascript, AJAX, MySQL, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server.

Aleck Ford

Aleck Ford

Graphics Designer/Digital Animation Specialist

Aleck brings to the team extraordinary talent in graphics design and animation. A Florida Atlantic University graduate, he counts among his skills Adobe Photoshop, Maya, Aftereffects, Flash. Also Zbrush (3D sculpting software), Dreamweaver, C++, Unity (game engine) and others.

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Customer Testimonials

MHC was instrumental in the design and implementation of our flagship Online Certification System for Legal Nurse Consultants. The system handles both the customer relationship and provides back-end tools to manage administrative tasks quickly and with greater accuracy. I strongly recommed this company.

(name withheld) - ASLNC