Search Engine Optimization

An optimized, clean, & pleasant design is key to rank well with search engines and outperform the competition!

The Many Moving Parts Of Effective SEO

Search Engine Optimization

We Care About Your Brand

Branding goals and online image are our number one considerations in any design work we do for our clients. This is as important for existing businesses as it is for new ones. It is why we spend time learning about our customers and about their target audience. And is the key to ensure our work will blend seamlessly with your established brand.

Our solutions are all about you!

Focus On Your Business

Our SEO team will work with you to create successful, customer-focused, marketing strategies. These build on the values of your organization and your USP's (Unique Selling Points) to strengthen your customer base.

What is SEO Anyway?

SEO is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a web site from search engines, via search results for targeted keywords. A common misconception is that paid-for advertising (sponsored links) will improve search engine ranking. While that may generate more traffic (for the generation of your subscription) a combination of good web design and understanding of your market remains perhaps the most effective method of SEO.

Our Methods & Techniques

We employ the following methods in our web solutions to increase your site's ranking in search engines:

  • Intelligent placement of keywords (NOT keyword stuffing)
  • URL Rewriting for Dynamic URL's
  • Effective Site Maps for dynamic sites
  • META keyword generation for Content Management Systems
  • Standards-based, valid and accessible HTML, CSS and script code
  • Deep-linking and link building (blogs, forums, product reviews)
  • Site preparation and sitemap submission to major Search Engines
  • Customer training


Take advantage of our hosting solutions and enjoy our traffic analyzing tools, such as:

  • Advanced website traffic statistics with SmarterStats Website Analystics
  • Google Analytics

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Customer Testimonials

MHC was instrumental in the design and implementation of our flagship Online Certification System for Legal Nurse Consultants. The system handles both the customer relationship and provides back-end tools to manage administrative tasks quickly and with greater accuracy. I strongly recommed this company.

(name withheld) - ASLNC